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How to Improve Curb Appeal?

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How to Improve Curb Appeal?

When guests drive up to your home, what do they see? Your front yard forms their first impression. If you’re trying to sell your home, or just want it to look stunning, you may need to improve your curb appeal. Here are a few suggestions:

Paint your front door and trim.

A new coat of paint in an eye-catching color freshens up the front of your house. Choose a deep earth-toned color, or a jewel-toned color. The Chinese believe that a red door means good luck.

Give trim a fresh coat of paint, too. Peeling paint around doorways and soffits looks sloppy and exposes bare wood to the elements. Fresh paint is a fast, inexpensive way to improve your curb appeal.

Plant flowers.

Plant vibrant, colorful flowers in front beds to brighten your yard. If your front yard is one huge expanse of lawn, consider adding a few flower beds and some landscaping plants to provide visual interest.

For a faster, easier solution, plant flowers in large containers and place them on your front porch, on either side of the front door and on the sides of the garage.

Wash the windows.

Dirty windows are dull and uninviting—keep your windows clean and sparkling. This is even easier to do now with cleaning products that attach to your garden hose—simply spray the windows and let them air dry.

Clean your driveway and front walk.

First, make sure there are no small weeds growing in the cracks of your driveway and front walk. Sweep up debris or loose gravel. Remove any oil stains from the cement. If necessary, have the pavement pressure washed.

Pressure wash your home’s exterior and roof.

Your home’s stucco, siding or wood exterior needs regular cleaning, just like the inside of your home. Dirt, soot and mold make your home look unkempt. Pressure washing removes the ugly stuff and lets your home shine.

Your roof can also become discolored and dirty. If you’re selling your home, one of the first things buyers will look at is your roof. A freshly cleaned roof will tell prospective buyers that you are on top of home maintenance issues; a dirty, discolored roof will make them wonder if the roof needs to be replaced—an issue that might keep them from considering your home when they buy.


Remove clutter and dead plants or trees.

Your house will have the greatest curb appeal if you keep outside decor items to a minimum. Two dozen lawn gnomes, for instance, will make your lawn look cluttered, no matter how green the grass.

Keep children’s toys and bikes out of the front yard, and keep hoses rolled up and properly stored.

Remove dead shrubs and trees; they detract from your landscaping more than anything else and make your home look dilapidated.